The Solar Lodge of the O.T.O.

Georgina Bray ton aka Jean was born on December 29, 1921. Her husband, Richard M. Brayton, age fifty-nine, was a teacher in the philosophy department at the University of Southern California. Jean Brayton and her O.T.O. Solar Lodge operated right at the gates of the USC campus with a network of cult houses and a bookstore. They also owned various houses in the desert near the Colorado border in Riverside County, California. Like Mary Anne DeGrimston of the Process, Jean Brayton had, or has, collected circles of fearful, brain-washed followers, many of them young, but a significant number also older and in the professions. There were around fifty known followers in the group, with many more probably undetected at this time.
Her magic organization, the Ordo Templi Orientis ( O.T.O. ) was founded in 1902 in Germany. The cult purported to continue the work, so to speak, of the order of the Knights Templars. Aleister Crowley formed his own O.T.O. "chapter" in England
in 1911. It has been around ever since, with current world headquarters in Switzerland.
Crowley had problems in the field of sadism. His books hinted at human sacrifice. His aphorisms such as "Know! Will! Dare! and be silent" betokened violent encroachment. Crowley took peyote 60 years before beatniks gobbled it in North Beach. He was into using drugs to pulverize the personality a ha1f-century before the advent of brain-wash cults like Manson or the Brayton gang or the Process.
In California there are evidently two O.T.O. jurisdictions - one for northern California and the other in the south. The Southern lodge was overrun by Jean Brayton's group. The O.T.O. is another occult society where initiates proceed upward through degrees of initiation, so that slowly the acolytes are sucked into a weirder and weirder scene. It is pyramidal, with the Ipsissimus (Jean Brayton) occupying the position of the eye-ball atop the pyramid.
The hype was similar to other groups including Manson's: tearing down the mind through pain, persuasion, drugs and repetitive weirdness-just like a magnet erases recording tape-and rebuilding the mind according to the desires of the cult.
Get this : Brayton's Solar Lodge would hold magic meetings where they would try to summon and radiate hate-vibrations into the Watts ghetto in order to start riots. The Solar Lodge believed that a heavy race war similar to Manson's Helter Skelter was imminent.
To venture ahead of the Manson story, in late spring 1969, Brayton sent followers around to various desert locations to find places to stay when the race-blaze would occur. She sent some to Utah and others went to Taos to hunt. And the conflagration was imminent.
Everyone, all her followers, were to be out of Los Angeles by the summer solstice, June 2I, 1969 - prepared for the brick-out. Brayton doted upon John Symonds' book on Crowley, The Great Beast. From reading the book, The Great Beast, Brayton came to believe that Aleister Crowley, while operating his Abbey of Thelema in Sicily, drank the blood of freshly snuffed animals as part of the higher rituals of his cult. The first two grades of the Brayton Hollywood cult, the so-called Minerval grades, didn't have to drink blood. But the upper levels reveled in sacrificing cats, dogs, chickens, etc., and drinking their blood reportedly consummating acts of sex-magic while animal blood was poured upon the fornicators.
The Solar Lodge of the O.T.O. was heavily opposed to Scientology. In addition to anti-black rituals, they held anti-Scientology rituals, mocking-up the enemy, so to speak.
Brayton was into collecting bikers and used telache or belladonna at the same time as Manson. Aleister Crowley had been a noted user of drugs arcane and
Brayton herself was known to use them all-like a wandering amphetamine-head on New York's Bowery who would pause and eat the pills contained in an old medicine chest that someone was throwing from a condemned building in the rain.
According to the depositions of her former followers, the Brayton gang used, for mind-zap reasons, marijuana, LSD, demerol, scopolomine, jimson weed, datura root, ether and belladonna, The weirder the better.
She had that great Manson trick of programming people while they were on LSD trips. She would get highly personal data from them under acid and then use it later, as a form of extortion.
The rumor was that Brayton was loan-sharking among dental students at USC. Certainly she was eager to cultivate them as good dope sources, especially for pain killers and ether. Naturally there were a number of young hippie types attracted to Brayton's groups. Very young people today are sexually free as never before, with healthy sexual rhythms established early in life. Brayton interrupted these rhythms by forcing adepts in the early stages of cult training totally to forgo sex - a cruel act designed to confuse, frustrate and conquer the person for her purposes.
One member named George was having difficulty, sin of sins, in controlling his sexual drives. So Jean Brayton had George cut his wrists every time he felt sexual pleasure coming on. His arms became gouged with slashes. One girl, whose husband Clifford finally turned state's-evidence against this spank-magic lodge, told the police that when she became pregnant, Jean Brayton was enraged. Brayton told the girl that she should condition herself to hate the child and upon birth the baby was to be turned over to the cult. The girl says she dutifully tried to hate her growing stomach, but could not, so left the creep cult during pregnancy. One dentist associated with the Solar Lodge disappeared rather mysteriously. He had a practice in Palm Springs. One Monday morning he called in, saying he had suffered injury in a skiing accident, he has not been heard from since. Jerry Kay, the art director for the movie Easy Rider, was a member of Brayton's Solar Lodge.
Brayton had the great scam of owning houses which she rented to the cult creeps. Since 1963, Georgina and Richard Bray ton have owned property at 1251 West Thirtieth Street in Los Angeles, a house-perhaps the only house in Los Angeles -where occult chicken sacrifices took place. This is the house Manson frequented.
They also own a house at 2627 South Menlo, the adytum for their Crowleyan magic group. This house is an old three-story mansion with light green siding and a dark green roof. Property also was owned at 1241 West Thirtieth Street - a paradise pad for sex-magic chicken-snuffers.
They also acquired in 1966 a ranch off on a dirt road between Vidal and Blythe, California, about four miles from the Colorado River. Mrs. Brayton was the world's only up-front Baphomet-worshiping real estate speculator. One cynic, interviewed, said that it was in order to keep all her houses fully occupied with renters that Jean Brayton so zealously sought followers. They used the remote desert commune for initiation rites.
The Solar Lodge library and "temple" were on the third floor of 2627 South Menlo. The walls and ceilings of the third-floor temple were painted with magical and Egyptian murals by a cult member, in the manner of the paintings at Crowley's notorious Abbey of Thelema in Cefalu, which Mussolini stomped out of existence.
The Solar Lodge operated a bookstore directly across the street from the USC campus at 947 West Jefferson Boulevard-called The Eye of Horus Bookstore. It was a small bookstore, painted red and yellow, located in a building that has since been tom down. The bookstore was blessed with an amuletic eyeball of Horus painted on the outside. The eye of Horns was used as a magic amulet by the Egyptians symbolizing the solar triumph of the hawk god Horns' eye. Horus got his eye bricked out by the evil god Seth in a heavy sky battle in the early stages of the universe. Horns' eye was saved and reconstituted through magic aka Magick.
There was another Eye of Horns Bookstore opened at 137 North Broadway in Blythe, California near their desert hideaway. Before their arrest, Jean Brayton and her husband had applied for a liquor license to operate a magic bar-cafe complex in Vidal, California. They claimed to have an income of $3000 per month from a pension plus the rentals in the various cult houses in L.A. The group also ran what seems to be the world's only known occult service station. One Richard Patterson, ardent follower of Jean Brayton, opened Richfield station Number 1087 in June of 1968 with a rock band and pom-pom dancers from USC. The station attendants tried to convert customers who drove up for a spark plug change or gas. The station was operated for a year until around June 1969 when Brayton freaked out and announced Helter Skelter was imminent.
As Brayton was preparing to marshal her cult forces to leave L.A. before Armageddon, a tragedy took place at the cult ranch in the desert. A young boy, Anthony Gibbons, age six, started a fire around June 10, 1969, which resulted in the main residence building being burned up and various animals fried. Brayton's group had been into stealing rare magic relics and valuable occult books over the years, particularly manuscripts of Aleister Crowley. Brayton even stole the so-called Golden Dawn robes once belonging to Crowley. Some of these rare books and manuscripts were burned up in the fire.
As punishment, Bray ton locked the boy out of doors in a closed wooden box for fifty-six days in high desert temperatures. Jean Brayton called a group meeting and announced that she had punished six-year-old Anthony by holding a match underneath his hands. The boy refused to say that he was sorry that he had
set the buildings on fire. Tsk tsk.
Jean put the boy into the box and even suggested that she might burn the box itself down while giving Anthony just enough chain to crawl away from the flames.
The six-year-old boy was held in a packing crate. His left ankle was chained to a metal plate fixed into the ground. There was a folded mattress in the corner for rest. For waste, there was a bucket full of excrement. The crate was closed over with a lid although there was a slight gap allowed to let in light and air. No one was allowed to come near the boxed boy, much less to offer him any comfort. Temperatures in July 1969 were around 110 degrees at the desert cult-quarters.
There was another small child named Eric, this one only two years old. Mrs. Bray ton felt that two-year-old Eric was acting uppity ( in the manner of Anthony Gibbons ) so she required that the baby sit in a yoga cross-leg position from sunup till sundown for several days. While they waited for the race wars, they built an open-ended metal building as a temporary dormitory. On Saturday, July 26, the day Gary Hinman was being murdered, two horse buyers went to Brayton's desert residence to look at some horses. The two gentlemen spotted Anthony in the crate under the hot sun. They were horrified. They drove to a store in Blythe and called the police, who raided and arrested eleven of the cultoids, for felony child abuse.
The boy's father James Gibbons, separated from the mother, claimed to the police that he boarded the boy and his sister Tammy at the Vidal commune because he "liked what the group was doing." - as newspapers quoted him. He escaped arrest himself probably because he was a Los Angeles County probation officer associated with the Gonzales Work Camp in Malibu.
One grim anecdote tells how the cult had managed to instill its racism into the six-year-old Anthony Gibbons. After the arrests, the lad was sent to a foster home where he was cared for by a black lady. The boy requested a sword from her so that he might perform a magic ritual called "The Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram."
The woman remained nearby as if to observe the ceremony but Anthony announced that "we don't let niggers watch." One O.T.O. follower was later found buried near the desert commune in early August 1969. He seems to have died of an overdose
of telache or jimson weed tea.
Following the issuance of warrants for her arrest, Brayton and select followers floated away to property she owns in Ensinada, Mexico.
Several followers who escaped her clutches came forward after her flight to testify against her. Eleven members of the commune were put on trial, including Beverly Gibbons, Anthony's mother charged with felony child abuse. The trial was held in October-November 1969, resulting in convictions for all.
FBI fugitive warrants were issued against Brayton and various of her henchmen for refusing to stand trial. As of this writing, Jean Brayton and her closest followers are still on the lam as it were, but FBI agents are hot on her heels. And now back to Manson in April 1969.

This chapter was omitted after the first edition pressing of Ed Sanders' book "The Family" due to a lawsuit from the O.T.O. Copyright 1971.