Could you call a Cuban a "wet back"? What exactly is a "bog rat"? Why the hell do some call Orientals "gooks"? Where do we get the term, "red neck"? All these nagging questions and others will be answered in this article. So hold on to you ass, cause it's going to be a dumpy (and derogatory) ride...

AYE-RAB -- Anyone of Arabic descent. Popularized by the camp-singer Ray "The Streak" Stevens' song, "Ahab The Ayrab."

BEAN -- Insult implying that most Chicanos or those of Mexican origin cannot survive without beans being a part of their diet.

BEAN-EATER -- Please see "Bean".

BEANO -- Again, would you just see "Bean" already!

BLACKIE -- Diminutive term to any African or person with a dark skin color.

BOG-RAT -- Used to describe Irish country folk. The word comes from the peat-bogs of Ireland.

BOG-HOPPER -- Please see "Bog-Rat ".

BOY -- Used in the south, addressed to any black person younger than the white speaker. Sometimes used in ironic retaliation by blacks, as well.

BUCKWHEAT -- This word was used by blacks in the early 1900s as a greeting, later changed to a derogatory term due to the buffoonish Buckwheat character in the "Little Rascals" films.

CANUCK -- A Canadian. This word became in use after the 18th century cartoon character, Jonny Canuck.

CHICO -- Meaning "boy" in Spanish. A popular term in the 70s, but now seen to be of a diminutive nature.

CHINAMAN --Anyone of Chinese ancestry. Mostly used to lump all Asians together.

CHINK -- As above. It is not known, but often speculated, where this word came from.

CLOD-HOPPER -- Anyone who lives on a farm. Piles of cow dung were often called clod. In more recent (and vulgar) times, it has been replaced with SHIT-KICKER.

COLORED -- A southern term for blacks. Hardly used after the late 60s.

COON -- A black male. Starting in the 1880s, the Ku Klux Klan went on nightly raccoon hunts due to raccoons being nocturnal. Later they became the hunts and lynchings of blacks.

CRACKER -- Slang used by blacks to describe a person as "white as a cracker." Later deemed derogatory.

DAGO -- Originally used to classify any Italian, Spaniard or Portuguese, derived from the name Diego. Later used simply for Italians. Made popular by the 1950s joke, "Why does time fly in Italy? Because every time you turn around you see a day go."

DARKIE -- Patronizing term for any black person.

DINK -- In the U.S. it literally means a physically small person. In England and Canada, it's a synonym for someone who is small on a mental level. Later used during Vietnam by American soldiers to describe the natives as small, as well as stupid.

FROG -- Anyone of French ancestry. Shortened from "frog-leg eater."

FAGGOT -- A homosexual. Origin unknown.

FAG -- Why are you so damn interested in what this means?

GOOK -- A person of Oriental descent. The word originated during World War II when dealing with many Japanese and having their language sounding like "gobbledy-gook" to Western ears.

GOY -- A Yiddish term for non-Jews, originally taken from the word GOYEM.

GOYEM --A Yiddish word meaning 'cattle.'

GREASER --Anyone of certain Hispanic origins, such as Mexicans or Puerto Ricans, supposedly due to a myth of Hispanics loving grease in their hair.

GREASE-BALL -- A fucking Spic, like them guys above.

GREEK -- Anyone having anal intercourse, but most often used as a derogatory word in place of homosexual.

GRINGO -- Any white foreigner in Central or South America. Believed to be taken from pro-U.S. banners, "Green Go!" during the World Wars, but it was in fact used as far back as 70 years before the first World War.

GYPSY -- Not so much of an offensive word as it once was. The Gypsy people prefer to be called "Rom", a tribe of Egyptians who entered Europe in the 1200s.

HALF-BREED -- Anyone of a mixed racial background.

HEEB -- Anyone of Hebrew descent, but now used to describe someone as a liberal Jew.

HICK -- Anyone of a rural background, usually poor and especially white.

HILLBILLY -- Literally, anyone living in the hill country, also used to describe unwealthy white country folk.

HONKY -- Used by blacks to describe a white person with liberal leanings, shortened from "horn honking trouble maker."

INDIAN GIVER --Anyone who presents a gift, then reclaims it. Settlers claimed the Native Americans were always breaking promises and treaties.

INJUN -- A drunk Native American, used as if someone is slurring the word Indian.

JAP -- 1) Short for Japanese. 2) Acronym for Jewish American Princess.

JIGABOO -- A rural or southern black, referring to their dancing. Often mistakenly pronounced as "Chick-a-boo."

JUNGLE BUNNY -- A black person, first used as a synonym for a newly imported slave.

KYKE -- A Yiddish word meaning self-hating Jew. Now mostly used by racists for any type of Jewish person.

KRAUT -- A white German. Taken from the German's love of their cabbage dish, sauerkraut.

LIMEY -- A British sailor. Derived from Admirals giving their crew limes to prevent scurvy.

MICK -- A Scotsman or Irishman. Taken from the prefix Mc or Mac. The original word was Mack, but somehow made it's way to Mick.

NIGGER -- Most common of racial slurs, applied to anyone of dark ancestry. Derived from the word Negro.

NIP -- A person of Japanese descent. The true name of Japan is Nippon, therefore Nip being a shortened version.

OREO -- Can be taken as a black person who wants to be a white person, or a white person who wants to be black. Or of a mixed background (white and black parents). Taken from the cookie that is dark on the outside and white on the inside.

P.R. -- Initials for Puerto Rican, often used to call Puerto Ricans, "Professional Robbers".

PAKI -- One of Indian heritage, mistakenly believing all Indians come from Pakistan.

POLACK -- 1) A person of Polish descent. 2) Anyone who has a low level of intelligence, derived from the myth that the Polish were so unintelligent that they just let Hitler walk right into their country.

REDNECK -- A white rural southerner which worked outdoors. To avoid sunburn they kept their shirts on, leaving the neck exposed to reddening by the sun.

REDSKIN -- A Native American. Using paint on their faces to describe their feelings, when settlers saw attacking Native Americans wearing red face paint, the name stuck.

RUSKY -- A person of Russian ancestry. Taken from the Russian word meaning "Russian", Ruskii.


SAMBO -- A black person having buffoon-ish qualities. Taken from the story, "Little Black Sambo."

SHYSTER -- A Jewish professional who cons people. Taken from the Shakespearian character Shylock, in "The Merchant of Venice."

SPADE -- A black male. Comes from the term, "black as the Ace of Spades."

SAND-NIGGER -- A person of Arabic descent.

SPIC -- Anyone of Hispanic origin. Originally used on police records to describe a suspect/victim who was a SPanish/Italian Caucasian (SP.I.C.). Now used as a short term for Hispanic.

SPOOK -- A black person. Used in the 1800s due to difficulty finding blacks in the dark (I just report this stuff, I don't make it up!).

TACO -- A person of Mexican nationality.

TOWEL-HEAD -- A person of any nationality who usually wears a turban or other head-dress.

UNCLE TOM -- A term used to describe blacks who aided whites or cooperates with whites.

WET BACK -- A derogatory term used for those of Mexican nationality who came over illegally via the Rio Grande.

WASP -- Acronym for White Anglo-Saxon Protestant, commonly changed to fit most whites by making the "p" stand for Peoples or Person.

WHITE TRASH -- Poor rural whites. Used to signify that one is a dredge of the white race.

WHITEY -- Black slang for a white person, similar to (yet opposite of) BLACKIE.

WOP -- An Italian. Originally from the acronym With Out Passport, which was a sign on Ellis Island where you would get in line if you were an immigrant.

YID -- Anyone of Yiddish descent, but now used to describe a conservative Jew (opposite of HEEB).

YELLOW -- A person of Oriental ancestry.

ZEBRA-HEAD -- A person who has 'Jungle Fever.'



Originally for Issue 8. This article was never released.