Bobby Steele, claim to fame: played guitar on a Misfits record, vocalist / guitarist of his own band, The Undead.


Adel 156, claim to fame: just a dude in a band who puts out a fanzine.

Mr. Steele was very upset this night because Timescape Zero did a Misfits ("Where Eagles Dare") cover which he was planning to do. He later complains that during the last song two people in Timescape Zero (Tom, roadie extraordinaire and second vocalist on Misfits cover, and I) were smoking cigars - it turn's out he has a medical condition where he can't breath in any smoke. In the middle of The Undead's set the bassist is handed LSD by an acquaintance of mine, which he drops immediately. Bobby Steele later fills us in that the bassist is the only one who can drive the next shift... and he's already flying. That night they had to stay at the drummer's grandfather's house in Hialeah. We didn't book shows to play pranks on touring bands - it just always looked that way.