Disposable Series No. 1: Throwaways


The Disposable photo series is a concept by artist Adel Souto.
The project uses disposable cameras, each containing a series of artistic photographs.
Later, the exterior of each camera is rendered to become an art object itself, making each piece several works of art at the same time.
Within just a few years the film will deteriorate, and the camera will revert to being a single art object,
but within that time frame, the question arises as to how to save the photos without destroying the exterior artwork.


Series No. 1 (featuring artist Anthony Mangicapra)

Throwaways: 8 cameras / 25 photos each.
Adel Souto photographs 200 of his "throwaway poems" scattered throughout NYC, 25 per camera.
Anthony Mangicapra artistically rendered each camera.

This project was finished in 2012, and was publicly displayed in June of 2012 in Brooklyn, NY.

Sample photos below are not from this series, and are digital representations of what series photographs may look like.
To read some of the poems, and get a feel for the phtographs, click on images for larger view.



In the final product, Mangicapra surrounded each camera with antique newspapers, adding abstract art in acrylic paint, and then varnishing the finished piece.
Included is a book of all 200 poems by Adel, specifying which poems are in what camera, but not letting the owner in on what camera number they own.





For any inquiries, or to purchase, please contact Adel Souto for availablity.