2012 Tarot Card Project


In 1999, I found a pack of Rider-Waite tarot cards, still in their box, and as a complete set.
For the last 13 years those things have sat in a drawer, as I am not a fan of divination or fortune telling.
Doing a bit of cleaning, and discarding, I decided to get rid of the pack, but why throw it out, or jokingly give it to a friend, whose drawer would get just as cluttered?
I decided to turn it into a 23-day art project for the month of April. I began carrying the deck on me, though modified, on April 3rd.
On the face of each of the 78 plates, I drew two sigils, which came to me at each moment, as well as fitting my street name (Adel 156) somewhere within the picture.
Also, I wrote on the back of every card a unique fortune-cookie-esque babble, and three sigils defining the work that had come to me when I originally started, then signed each.
Strangely enough, the project ended with only 13 cards left when I ceased to read fortunes on April 26th.
The remaining cards were dropped on NYC subway cars to, hopefully, find a good home.






A few more fortunes:

"Meat is murder, but so is drinking and breathing. We all have our levels of violence."

"One man's good night sleep is another man's last night on Earth."

"Those who know always step on the backs of those who do not."

"My mother taught me to pray, my father taught me to prey."

"A dead body makes for a great ottoman."

"To conspire means: to breathe together."

"Those with abandonment issues often deserve them."

"Xrays can see a lot inside you, but not as much as an hour of conversation."

"Hell hath no fury like a woman... any woman."