Feast of Hate and Fear Updates

Last updated December of 2014



Thirteen wonderfully dark, yet productive, years posting here at FHF, but this site is now static.
The website will remain on the internet, and we'll still put out wonderful merch items, plus a few updates, but no new
articles, video, or music will be posted, as it's felt there is enough here to keep anyone busy for ages.



There is a website to showcase the work of FHF's Adel Souto. That's here.
There's also Adel Souto's blog here.
All his related writing, artist, photography and musical updates will be on that site.



New book out by Adel Souto on his experiences during a month-long vow of silence, with foreward
by George Petros. Less than 70 paperback copies left! Sorry, but hardcovers are sold out.

More info at the merch page.



Feast of Hate and Fear is proud to have released a comic book by tattoo artist Liorcifer!
The first printing of 200 is gone. New batch in, of another 200, which is much glossier than the first run.

This project originally began in 2002, and had only recently been revived.
Head to merch page for order info.



Infernum Tattoos NYC = Feast of Hate and Fear approved!

141 1st Ave (#3) in Manhattan's East Village (between St Marks Place and 9th Street),
or call 212-477-7087 to book Liorcifer or Trine O.



Adel's tv show, Brooklyn's Alright... If You Like Saxophones is on BCAT, Brooklyn public access.
Channels 56 (Time Warner), 69 (Cablevision), 84 (RCN) and 44 (Verizon). The show now reruns every Saturday morning @ 1:30am.
Full episodes of Season One and Two are now available on the internet at the show's YouTube page.



Adel played the male lead in Andrew Copp's short film Consumption of the Heart, which was released in November of 2012.

The film is available on volume five of JABB Pictures The Collective DVD series. It's a zombie love story like no other.
For only $10, you get 10 short flicks by 10 underground directors with one synopsis: the undead.
Rest in peace, Andy (1972 - 2013). You will be missed.


All 156 cassette EPs are sold out!
Feel free to check with labels Goat Eater Arts, Out of Body, Acid Casualty
, and Chondritic Sound, just in case.

156's sold out, debut CD is still available for download as a free zip file, with mp3s and artwork, here (65 Mb).
The Memento Mori EP, using all human bones, should be out in early 2015 on 10" vinyl.



Every Timescape Zero track ever recorded has been uploaded to Bandcamp.
Both demos, the 7", the first LP, Born With the Fear of Dreaming, and even
the Total War album is available - all for free. Find 'em all here.



A series of photo projects are in the works, titled Disposable, featuring many wonderful artists.
Adel Souto is one of them. Click here for more info.



FHF is SOLD OUT! of the (limited to 500) Shroud Suicide Mission CD EP.

Want mp3s? Purchase here.



Here's a YouTube account with some videos posted, which are related to
Feast of Hate and Fear
, and its creator.



Amazing new projects are always in the works.
From music CDs and magazines to DVDs and books, so check Adel Souto's personal site often.