Fictitious Tunes and Revenant Records (article / art project from No Echo; 2016)

747 Missteps (exclusive to this site; 2012)

Death Has Never Looked So Beautiful (from Paraphilia #12; 2011)

Bitchin' Bibliography on Banned Books (from collection of articles, Some Words; 2008)




My new music fanzine is titled, Musica Obscura.

It collects over 15 different in depth articles on bizarre and rare music from around the world. The zine comes with a free disc of 130+ mp3s, so you can listen as you read.
$6 with postage paid. Contact me here to order.




Limited edition zine, titled Exscind, is now sold out (100 signed and numbered copies).

It contains all new, tantalizing material, including writing, art, and photography - 36 pages collecting a lot of my writing from the last five years, a full color cover and photos within, plus art and poetry, all protected by an acetate sleeve. You can read a review of it here.
I'm already working on issue #2, so check back soon.




Throne Out is a poetry chapbook, which collects some of my favorite "throwaways".

The now sold-out book contained 56 unedited, stream-of-consciousness doggerels filled with emotional wordplay, and indifferent pleasantries. It was released in a limited quantity of hand-numbered copies, and entirely produced to recreate the spirit of the original "throwaways project". Each came with 55 printed poems, and one unique, handwritten throwaway written especially for that particular copy.




My book, The Least Silent of Men, is completely sold out. It is a chapbook on the subject of silence, and a detail of experiences during a 30-day vow of silence, which is no longer publicly available.
This work of art contains a foreword by artist George Petros, a lengthy article on my experience, as well as a transcript of the communication book carried for that month.
Limited to 10 hardcover copies (with DVDr), and 333 hand-numbered trade paperbacks.

The cover is a play on Barbara Kruger’s “Your Comfort Is My Silence”, redesigned by the author.




An edited version of my article, titled Do Me Dada Style, is available in issue three of Abraxas: International Journal of Esoteric Studies.
The issue is now only available in the standard magazine edition, as the limited edition hardcover is sold out.

Read more about the original here.




I gave a lecture for the class Projects in Photography, at NYU's Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development's Department of Art and Art Professions, on occult influences in photography, back in February.
You can download an mp3 of it, though with none of the images mentioned, here (22 Mb).

If you prefer a transcript, with images, check that out here.
A video, also with a few images, has been posted here.




Feast of Hate and Fear is sold out of Schizotypal.
It was a book containing two different writing experiments, and one performance piece / ritual of automatic drawing.

Schizotypal was limited to 93 copies: signed, numbered and each contained a unique sigil.




SOME WORDS: The Best of Feast of Hate and Fear Fanzine
(ISBN: 9780557415069)




13 Throwaways

A recording of experimental jazz freak Kenny Millions and Adel Souto performing a skronkin' poetry jam, recorded live in Brooklyn. The recording is of a 10 minute set, where Adel reads thirteen of his throwaway poems, as Millions experimentally free-forms in his musical sort of way. The release contains a cassette reel of said set, as well as all thirteen poems printed on parchment - both sealed for your protection.
A digital download of the set and text file of poems was available to purchasers only.
Limited to only 12 copies; this item is sold out.


200 Throwaways

A collaboration with artist Anthony Mangicapra has Adel photographing 200 of his throwaway poems on disposable cameras, for a project, fittingly titled, Disposable. More info here.


4 Throwaways

A short film capturing four throwaway poems, also aptly titled (four throwaways), can be found on YouTube.


2 Throwaways

Two of my throwaway poems have been published in the newest edition (issue #3) of the poetry / art journal Small Po[r]tions.

Other poets / artists in this issue include Jeanne Heuving, Rebecca Brown, John McLaughlin, Sarah Hulyk Maxwell, Jonathan Harper, Nils Michals, Julia Laxer, Satoshi Iwai, Anne Royston, and Shinjini Bhattacharjee. The journal was edited and curated by Sarah Baker, Breka Blakeslee, Laura Burgher, Lynarra Featherly, Aimee Harrison, plus Travis Sharp, and is published by Letter [r] Press.
Single issues are $10, with their back issues gong for only $5, while many of the previously featured works are also freely shown on their website. Please visit the Small Po[r]tions website for further info.


What is a throwaway? Find out here.







Adel Souto began writing for his own 'zines in 1987 with his first fanzine Evolution (one issue), and later To the Left (1988 - 1990, four issues).
In 1990, he began publishing the fanzine-turned-magazine Feast of Hate and Fear, which, in 2001, became the FHF website.
Since 1992, Adel has written for several magazines, and has also been published in the first volume of the Antibothis anthologies. He has published three books, and recently released his fourth, The Least Silent of Men, based on an Oct 2010 month-long vow of silence. He has had poems published in several journals, and has tranlated the works of Spanish poets.

Full bio here.