Sex Lives of the Primitives

Discipline is a project currently in progress, where each art piece is a unique, all-natural sex toy.
Did the ancients have kink? Of course, though how they expressed it is mostly unknown.
In France's Chauvet Cave, there is a carving, known as the oldest European art so far discovered, of what archeologists believe to be a vulva. From the Venus of Hohle Fels idols (35,000 BCE), to the walls of the Khajuraho group of monuments in Khajuraho, India (built around 1000 CE), history sheds scattered signals of mankind's fascination with sex. Though then completely natural, some of it may certainly be what is today taboo. This series is an expression of what that "some of it" may have been, as well as imaginative representations of what sex toys may have looked like, during a time when humans used only nature's resources.

Photo one collects pieces No. 2 and 3, while photo two is of No. 5.

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Pieces No. 2, 3 and 4 from this art series debuted at
Fitness Center for Arts and Tactics' residency at Culturefix’s Superchief Gallery, July, 2013.


Pieces No. 2 and 3 were displayed, while pieces 5 and 6 from this art series debuted at
LaunchPad in Brooklyn, which opened March 5th, 2014.


The only piece yet to show in this series is No. 1, The Great Staff. See that here.